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Web 2.0 Logo Creator in Starting Position

Surely it is not one of the graetest challenges to create a Logo in Web 2.0 stile with Photoshop, (at least not for me ;-) .But it requires some time. And since i prefere working on scripts, rather than spending my time using Photoshop to play Picasso, i have taken some of my precious time to create a Generator for Web 2.0 Logos.

Web 2.0 Logo

The idea is surely not new, ;-) but somehow just that feature that i wanted, or needed did not work bei the one i had tried out, or the Creator wich i had bookmarked in anticipation only a few weeks ago, is suddenly no longer available.

And like always, if i like an idea, but the offered service or the technology does not work, i sit down and write the program myself.

And today i have finished it – My Web 2.0 Logo Generator.

5 Responses to “Web 2.0 Logo Creator in Starting Position”

  1. Mia Says:

    Nice work! I simply love this generator! By the way, what’s the name of the default font used? That if it’s no top secret info.. :)

  2. aitqb Says:

    this is so much fun! :D
    eu, may i ask you a question?
    im wondering how i input single quotation(‘) on this tool??
    would it bore you to tell me about it?
    sorry for my bad English.
    – from far east

  3. ~I.M~ Says:

    I would like a snake surrouding the logo-type

  4. Mark Alan Effinger Says:

    Excellent Web 2.0 product/project.

    I’ve gotta’ tell you, there are a ton of things I can think of that could utilize your script and handiwork.

    Are you interested in releasing your script, either as a one-time purchase, or as an open source script?

    Thanks a ton. You deserve a badge. And not one that says “beta”…;-)

    To your great success this year,
    Mark Alan Effinger

  5. tav Says:

    Hey, thanks for this!

    Was going to knock up something similar, but yours is perfect!

    Will be using it for the socialaction.tv site sometime in the future — thanks!

    — tav

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