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Logo Desing Nr. 4 Available

Of course the Big player can not be missing. So here is a Logo with the typical Google colours and the Font “Catull”, which is not called Gogglefont or similar which some people asume. ;-)

Ein Logo im Google Style

This Logo is not quite as easy to handle, as it requires the colours to be defined singular. Maybe, just have a look in the help, and practise intensive with the colourtags. With a little exersise you will get there.

With this Logo you can choose the Font, change the Background colour, and insert a button. Mirror is at this moment in time not posible.

3 Responses to “Logo Desing Nr. 4 Available”

  1. Matt Ellsworth Says:

    I like this one – but i can’t get the star/sun to not overlap the last letter.

  2. Creatr Says:


    put some spaces after the last letter. This help on the most cases.

  3. Yury, logo design fanatic Says:

    The “a” here seems strange to me. Did Google indeed use this Catull font in it’s logo?

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