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Logo Design Nr. 5 ready also

Well since im at it ;-)

The Dino cant be missing. In oposite to the original, the shadow is a little softer, and it also seems to me, even if the font is called “yahoo” there is not necessarly Yahoo in it. But you come close to it. AND this should not be a Logo copying station, this should just be a small sugestion for your own Logo.

Logo im Yahoo Design

Even if the Yahoofont (which is realy called so ;-) ) is given, you can still choose other fonts, and you can specify the background colour and if required, insert a button. A mirror effect is not planned.

2 Responses to “Logo Design Nr. 5 ready also”

  1. Mark Alan Effinger Says:

    Wonderful soft-shadow. And though the font is truly not Yahoo!, it has hints to that effect… plenty to get us started playing with yahoo’s logo.

    Nice work. I love the progress you’ve made.
    Mark Alan Effinger

  2. bailaho Says:


    Großartige Sache Euer Logo-Generator.

    Kurze Anregung für weitere Designs: Schön wären auch Logos im Design weiterer Global-Player und Marktführer im Web. Zum Beispiel Ebay, YouTube, PayPal, Microsoft, Apple, und… und… und…

    Interessant zur Logoerstellung für Sites, deren Content sich mit den einzelnen Seiten beschäftigt; oder für Firmen, deren Tätigkeit sich irgendwie mit diesen Seiten beschäftigt (Ebay-Logo zum Beispiel für Powerseller).

    Ansonsten weiter so!

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