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Web 2.0 Logo Creator (en)

(Die deutsche Version findest Du hier)

With this Web 2.0 Logo Creator, you can create quickly and very easy your own Web 2.0 Logo. To create the Web 2.0 Logo, you dont need any know how, or any expensive Tools or Programs. It is as easy as child play. Just give it a try! Create your own Web 2.0 Logo.

In case that you do need some help with the options, we have explained the various possibilities and choices you have to create your Logo on the Help page.

From time to time, we will be posting updates and technical extensions for our Logo Creator on our Blog. We dont shrink back from introducing to you other Web 2.0 Logo Creators, which can be found in the net on our Weblog.

Should you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to send them to ( info@creatr.cc) or post them in our Blog as a comment.

We saved the best for last

The Web 2.0 Logo Generator is absolutly for free. ;-)

You feel the need to do something good?? ;-) Then help us get the Logo Creator known.

  • Tell all your friends about our service.
  • Write about our Logo Creator in Forum´s where such a service is needed, or where someone is searching for one.
  • Set a Link to our site on your Homepage(s)

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