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Help (en)

(Die deutsche Version findest Du hier)

Quick Introduction:

With this Web 2.0 Logo Generator, you can create a attractive Logo for your own Web 2.0 Homepage in no time at all. For this you just enter (under “Logo Text”) your title or the signatur. Klick on the button “Create Logo”, and the finished Web 2.0 Logo will show up above the Formular as soon as it is finished.

To incorporate the Logo on your Website, you have 2 choices….

  1. You either copy the image onto your page, by copying the Logo which you have saved on creatr.cc
  2. Or you save the Image onto your Webserver or a Freehoster and tie in the Image from there on to your Page.

Here a quick explanation to the different Options “Logo Text”: This is the sinature, the Nam, or what ever you wannt to call it, which will be shown as the LOGO. The colour of the signature can be altered with either the option font color and font color 2. Schoul these options bot be enough, then you can also use the extended Colour tags. The use of the extended colour tags is described further down. “Font Color”: In this field you decide the colour of the complete signature. The entering is with Hexcode for RGB, as it is normal for HTML, or CSS. However, the # is not used.The default value is 3399cc. This will always be used when you dont enter anything. “Font clor 2″ As long as nothing else has been entered, you can decide the colour of the last letter with this. The default value is fc0082. “Font Face”: With this select box, you can choose the type of writing for your Logo. Should you not change it, the writing will be in Trebuchet MS. “Mirror Space” Here you can decide how far apart the writing, and the mirrored image of the Logo should be. If you have a small y or g in your Logo, it could be that you prefer it, if the distance is larger between the signature and the mirrored image as is given. Just choose the best option for you. Per Default, small will be used. “Mirror Effect” In this field you can select, how transparent the mirrored image under your Logo should be shown. 1 stands for Very good visible, 4 stands for hardly visible. 2 and 3 are middle choices. “Button Text” You can decide what should be written in the Button (right hand top corner). The Example is BETA ;-) You can change it to web2.0, or what ever else comes to mind. “Button Color” With this you decide which colour the Button will have. The same rules aply as described further up under Font Color. “Button Shape” To create a more individual Logo, you can also decide on the shape of the button. Up until now, you have a choice of sun, star, square, and circle. You can of course decide to use no button at all. As a standard, a sun is used.

“Extended Colortags” These color tags can be used directly inside the field of the Logo Text. Each Colortag consists of n opening and a closing element. See example:

openeing element


closing element




This is how a simple default could look


With this example, the whole signature, even the last letter would be of one colour.

As you have seen, it is possible to create the signature with the closing element in a different colour. You can use such a closing element,when the Signature should be displayed with a colour grading.

See Example:

[col=3399cc]Logo Creator[/col=cccccc]

In this example each Letter will be displayed in a different colour. In the whole, the Signature looks like the clour runs from turkeus blue into grey.

The tags can be also mixed and used. Your fantasy has hardly any boundries. At least I cant think of any at the moment. ;-)

So now have fun with the

Web 2.0 Logo Generator

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